The Idol of Self

November 12, 2015

selfModern man often laughs at the folly of people who fashion images of worship that represent some element of the natural world. The images may be of some animal with desirous characteristics or of items related to earth or space. Think trees or stars for the latter category. These images become idols when worshipped.

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ryle bannerAlmost every Lord’s Day, I have the privilege of reading a text of Scripture to the congregation at First Boynton Church. It is a joy beyond measure to give voice to the very Word of the Lord.

In my other teachings and preaching, my words are not infallible. I pray that they be true to the Scriptures and that the Spirit of God would use them to bring life and instruction. But when I simply read the text, these words are mighty and powerful. They are completely trustworthy.

In light of this, I read with interest an article related to the conversion of J.C. Ryle. Ryle, the 19th century bishop of Liverpool, was used mightily by the Lord through his preaching and writing.

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A Cold War spy movie from Steven Spielberg starring Tom Hanks? What’s not to like? Based on a true story, Hanks plays Brooklyn lawyer, James Donovan. Specializing in insurance law, Donovan is tasked with defending a Soviet spy captured in Brooklyn. In the end Donovan negotiates the maze of the spy world of the US, the USSR and the East Germans to facilitate the exchange of prisoners accused of espionage.

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Mercy Drops or Showers

October 15, 2015

Mercy Drops

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deyoung homosexualityWhat Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality? Kevin DeYoung. Crossway. 2015.

As a seismic shift occurs within culture and the church, Kevin DeYoung calls Christians to examine the teaching of the Bible on this subject of homosexuality. This book will be a go to source for those who hold to a high view of Scripture. For those who allow experience, relationships or culture to serve as their authority on faith, it will not be so well received.

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