rightsidehistoryPerhaps you have heard that agreeing with the LGBT crowd on the issues of homosexuality will put one “on the right side of history.” I think that line should be modified to being “on the right side of 2013-2014.”

To be on the right side of history is to take into account not only our modern culture, but the realm of man’s story. That is history. So what is the right side of history?

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IMG_2755_2This is me on April 9th doing what I love doing – teaching God’s people. Thanks to the folks at FirstBoynton who actually show up to learn together. This particular session centered on the theology problems in the church which led to the Protestant Reformation.

P.S. Before I get any comments on the shirt, remember that it is South Florida.

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Who Am I?: Identity in Christ. Jerry Bridges. Cruciform Press. 2012.

who am i

Whenever you read a Christian book in which the life of the author and the content of the book match you may be on to something special. Combine those elements with well written material, and you have the work we are considering.

Jerry Bridges has long been known for writing that is rich in biblical truth and that edifies those who follow Christ. This book is no exception.

I expected it to be a good read, but found myself chewing on how these truths could impact my life. We live in a society in which folks lack a clear understanding of their self. Sadly this is true even amongst those who identify as Christians.

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Serial Sinners

Questions for God

April 4, 2014 — Leave a comment

Sometimes we talk about questioning God. There are usually two reasons we question God. Some people question God as a way to accuse God. We volley questions which are really complaints. They usually look something like this, God, why did our didn’t you do (fill in the blank)?

These accusatory questions cannot equate God’s supposed character with some sort of activity or inactivity on God’s part. Perhaps the problem lies in a misunderstanding of God’s character. Or perhaps it is a problem with a false belief in the superiority of our reasoning. These questions could be stated in a declarative sentence that begin with something like this, If I were God…

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