10 More Hilarious Tweets from @XIANITY

@XIANITY is a twitterer that makes me chuckle.  He pokes fun at some of the things in modern Christianity with some made up tweets.  See if you think these are funny.

IN FOCUS: Strangely, ‘Christians for Cannabis’ church decides to replace communion bread with Cool Ranch Doritos.

LOCAL: Area legalist desperate for new rules, now taking suggestions.

WORSHIP: Praise band loses audio, congregation confused and disoriented by sound of their own voices.

BREAKING NEWS: Fitness now next to Godliness, cleanliness drops to second place.

BREAKING NEWS: Prominent prosperity preacher pressured by economy changes name to Creflo Nickel.

HEALTH: Epidemic of flu-like symptoms among missional pastors traced back to contaminated batch of tattoo ink.

MOVIE NEWS: In production, Tim Burton’s American Puritan epic, “Jonathan Edwards Scissor-Hands”

SPORTS: Vikings football is God’s way of telling Minnesota you have better things to do with your time.

CHURCH: Bachelor Acts29 planter misses point completely by tweeting about how hot another pastor’s wife is.

CHURCH: Local congregation bewildered when usher breaks out singing OMG