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Derek Fisher is the point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. Fisher and the Lakers are attempting to win another NBA Championship against the Orlando Magic.

I have always been impressed with Derek. When he arrived on the campus of UALR (University of Arkansas – Little Rock), Derek made an impact not only by his basketball playing ability, but by his personal character. During most of his time at UALR, I was the team chaplain.

I had the opportunity to watch Derek play. As exciting as that was, I was more impressed by watching him prepare. Here is what I have always liked about Derek.

1.  Derek’s Faith Ethic

Derek was always a participant in prayer and Bible study sessions that I led for the team.  He was my go-to guy.  He would never call me by name, it was always “Pastor.”

2.  Derek’s Family Ethic

Derek provided such a moving testimony of his love for his family during the playoffs in 2007.  Playing for the Utah Jazz, one of his 10 month old daughters was diagnosed with cancer of the retina.  They had to get immediate medical attention.  After his daughter stabilized, he traveled to Utah and entered the playoff game in the 3rd quarter.

The media provided him a platform to communicate his devotion to his family, and Derek inspired many with his words and his actions.

3.  Derek’s Team Ethic

From his days in high school, to college, to the NBA, Derek has epitomized being a team player.  He has earned the respect due to his unselfish attitude.

4.  Derek’s Work Ethic

I used to get tired watching Derek practice.  He was constantly working to improve his game.

5.  Derek’s Giving Ethic

Derek has been a great example of giving back.  UALR is not a well known basketball school.  Yet he provided $700,000 to the university as a way to give back to the school that gave him an opportunity.  He has long been involved in charitable activity.

Check out his website www.derekfisher2.com.  On his site, you can read more of his bio and see some of his charitable activities.

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