7 iPhone Apps to Help You Spiritually

In August I posted an article about 5 iPhone Apps to Help You Spiritually.  Since then I have continued to use several of these, but some news ones have arrived since then.  So this is an updated list of apps that I use to help me spiritually.  If you have an iPhone, I hope they will be of help to you as well.

1.  ESV Bible – this is by far the one I use most.  It is like having a full Bible at your disposal at all times.  I am reading through the Bible using this tool.  When I finish a reading, I simply close the app.  When I reopen it, I am the location that I left off reading.  You can also take notes and it has a highlight feature.  Not to mention that the ESV is my translation of choice.  If you get no other app, you should get this one.

2.  Logos (Bible Software) – this app also has Bible reading options, but includes so much more.  There are Bible reading guides, and other Bible study resources.

3.  Olive Tree (Bible Reader) – again more Bible options plus some commentaries.  I enjoy the Martin Luther resources available here.

4.  Grace to You – A huge amount of resources from the preaching/teaching ministry of John MacArthur.  Includes both audio, video and written materials.

5.  Mars Hill Church – audio and video sermons from Mark Driscoll.  This app even includes some music from Mars Hill musicians.

6.  Saddleback Church – audio and video sermons from Rick Warren plus many other features.

7.  St. Augustine – has 3 of Augustine’s classic works, Christian Doctrine, Confessions, and City of God.

All 7 of these apps are free.  Let me know which ones you are using that I may have missed.  Also let me know if you have discovered the ones that I have mentioned.

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