A Spiritual Use for Hotel Keys

I am in the hotel business.  I am aware that hotels can be places in which very good things happen.  They can also be places in which very bad things happen.

So, when I read an article in the current edition of Bible Study Magazine about Max Lucado, I noticed that Lucado makes use of a common item in hotels to aid his Bible study.  He uses the hotel key card as a ruler to draw straight lines when he underlines in his Bible.

This would not have possible in my early days of my hotel career.  My first hotel jobs found me working overnight as the night auditor.  This schedule allowed me to attend college and seminary during the day and still be employed full time.  In those days, each room had its own key.  These keys were similar to the other keys we use for our homes and cars.

Guests were responsible for the keys.  A lost key usually cost the guest some money, and the hotel had to worry about keys being improperly used.  Now hotels have electronic key cards that operate with a magnetic strip.  Lucado has found a way to employ this technological advance to help him in his Bible study.  He uses them because he “likes straight lines.”

Have you found a way to use a common item to help you study the Bible?  I would love to hear about it.

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  • Cara Kay

    Hey Frank! I don’t personally do this, but I have a friend who uses post-it notes like crazy in her Bible. I haven’t ever had the opportunity to read them, but I’m assuming different colors mean different things to her.

    • I have to write on separate paper, but appreciate those who note their Bibles. Would love to read some of those notes.

  • This is a great idea…. I travel a bit and have collected hundreds of the hotel key cards for no real purpose…. until now! I might even start giving them away as a subtle way of encouraging others to read their bibles!! Good one, thanks.

    • You are welcome, Rich. Spiritual and recycling at the same time.