How Was Your Ash Wednesday?

Coming from a baptist background, I usually have not given much thought to Ash Wednesday or Lent.  I first began thinking about it about 10 years ago when I was a member of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville.  Although Sojourn is a baptist church, these days were always a big deal.  I admit to being late to the conversation, but I like it.

It is not something that has to be on your calendar, but I am learning to add it to mine.  Today begins 40 days leading up to Easter or Resurrection Sunday.  It is a good time to join in with other brothers and sisters in Christ in acts of humility, confession and soul searching.

Ash Wednesday is a great time to come to grips with our own impending death.

All are from the dust, and to dust all return.
(Ecclesiastes 3:20 ESV)

It can be a time of owning our frailty and our sinfulness which made it necessary for Christ’s death and resurrection.  From here to Easter, perhaps you might join me on this sobering 40 day journey.  The culmination will be the shout of, “He is risen!”

Here are some helpful articles on the subject:

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Are you doing Ash Wednesday and Lent?  If so, comment below with what you are doing.