13 Thoughtful Christian Online Articles

1.  Glimpses of the Holy – R.C. Sproul

Freud never understood that the thing all people in the world fear most—the thing Freud himself feared most—is the holiness of God. That’s why people run from God and from Jesus Christ. As soon as God manifests His transcendent majesty, men are reduced to terror.

2.  Should Christians Boycott Starbucks? – Russell Moore

Moreover, is this kind of economic power context really how we’re going to engage our neighbors with a discussion about the meaning and mystery of marriage?

3.  Making Big Decisions About Money – Seth Godin

Suddenly, you’re not comparing “this is my dream,” with a number that means very little. You’re comparing one version of your dream with another version.

4.  George Eliot on the  First Celebrity Megapastor – Carl Trueman

Savonarola’s career is instructive. It is clear that his success was the result of a twofold negotiation of power: he was a talented preacher given a greatly expanded platform by those eager to capitalize on what we would now call his ‘media savvy and presence’ in order to harness these for their own causes; and he was careful always to give enough of the people just what they wanted in order to ensure an ever increasing popular power base.

5.  Charles Spurgeon on Calvinism: Definite Atonement – Nathan Bingham

Spurgeon strongly denied the idea that Christ died for all men: “If it were Christ’s intention to save all men, how deplorably has He been disappointed!” He added: “Some insist that Christ died for everybody. Why, then, are not all men saved? Because all men will not believe? That is to say that believing is necessary in order to make the blood of Christ efficacious for redemption. We hold that to be a great lie.”

6.  Does Calvinism Make People Jerks? – Kevin DeYoung

But the problem is owing to the jerks, not to the Calvinism. I’ve seen feminist jerks and social justice jerks, libertarian jerks and liberal jerks, hipster jerks and “you Calvinists are Taliban fundamentalists” jerks. The problem is not predestination. It’s pride.

7.  A Second Abortion Mandate in Obamacare – George Veith

In particular, federal law will soon mandate that every single individual enrolled in such a plan make payments to a private fund designated solely to the payment of abortion. This scheme allows Obamacare to get around the controversial issue of government-funded abortions with a new funding source: mandatory private payments by you, the insured.

8.  The 50 Top Persecutors of Christians – George Veith

By my count, 37 of them are Islamic.  8 are Communist or recently-Communist that have kept their persecuting habits.  3 are Buddhist.  1 is Hindu.

9.  The Gospel and Marriage – Deepak Reju

The gospel and marriage… it’s hard to separate the two. In the Bible, both are inextricably linked.  Let’s consider how the Bible ties these two ideas together.

10.  5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Nap Every Day – Michael Hyatt

Shift your own thinking about naps. People who take them are not lazy. They might just be the smartest, most productive people you know.

11.  Beware of Satan’s Devise Called Hypocrisy – J.C. Ryle

The very existence of bad coins is an indirect proof that there is something which it is worth while to imitate, and that there is such a thing as good current money in circulation. It is just the same with Christianity!

12.  The Satanic Ideology of Photoshop – Mike Cosper

Rather than celebrate these creations as they are, as their Maker made them, we want to transform them into something else. Something made flawless with human hands or something ageless and unaffected by the Fall. Something that, this side of Eden and apart from the Resurrection, will never be.

13.  The Art of Remembering pt 2 – FrankGantz.com Archives

To remember is not only a mental exercise. It also involves acting on behalf of those memories. Recalling God’s mighty actions in life should lead us to thanking God for working on our behalf.