Comparing Our Good Days to Our Bad Days

Mercy & Grace

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Do you catch yourself saying, “It’s been one of those days.” Perhaps you wished that you could reset the clock and go back to the moment when your alarm clock sounded in the morning.

It is on those days that we feel like we really need God to show us mercy and grace.

The Bad Days

Perhaps you overslept and had to skip your normal time with the Lord and his Word. Perhaps you were short fused and yelled at those whom most need to hear words of encouragement from you. Then you encountered a worldly sinner and earned your status as a ‘Son of Boanerges‘ and thought about calling down fire from heaven.

At work you submit a report to your boss without proofing it. Turns out you spelled your own name incorrectly. Plus the idea you were proposing was flatly rejected as unsound.

Upon returning home you pass along to your family the criticism you felt from your boss. Since you are now depressed, you skip the healthy dinner set before you and eat a bag of Oreos.

Finally you settle into the quiet (because nobody at home is speaking to you) and into your bed. Exhausted, you mutter a prayer to the Lord that you really need a shot of mercy and grace. Mercy for the stupid things you did that day. Grace that tomorrow will be different.

The Good Days

The next day is different. You bounce out of bed and race to the place where you pray and read your Bible. You are so inspired that you even jot a few paragraphs in your journal.

Later that day you encounter another worldly sinner. But instead of wishing his condemnation, you pray for his conversion and communicate a clear picture of the gospel.

At work the boss surprises you with a bonus for another idea you pitched six months ago.

Arriving home you kiss your wife and ask about her day. You hug the kids and remind that both their heavenly Father and their earthly father love them deeply.

Wide awake you lay your head on your pillow. As you reflect on the day you congratulate yourself for being so tuned in spiritually at work, home, and in the marketplace.

Q & A

Question: On which day do you need God’s mercy and grace?

Answer: On both days.

On both days your status before the Lord is a sinner saved by the gospel. When we are bad, we are invited to the throne of grace. We are accepted by the Father through the perfect work of Christ.

When we are good, we are still a sinner saved by the gospel. Even our goodness is deficient compared to our good God. Our sinfulness taints even our attempts at doing what is right.

If left to our own thinking, we would question God for the difficulties of yesterday and then rob his glory for ourselves today.

No matter the day, regardless of our outward actions, we all stand in desperate need of God’s mercy and grace. The good news is that he desires to pour these blessings upon you. Ask him.

Note: These truths apply only to the one who trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for his salvation. If that isn’t you, he is a Savior who is seeking those to worship the Father.

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