Concierge 13.05.02


Is It Unspiritual to be Discouraged? by Sinclair Ferguson 

From time to time over the centuries some Christians have taught, sometimes with tragic consequences, that a truly spiritual person never gets discouraged. To be cast down is, by definition, to be ‘unspiritual.’ Unless we are well-grounded in Scripture, it is very easy for us to be overwhelmed, confused, and even more discouraged by such teaching.

A Father’s Love by Tullian Tchividjian

When I was 16, my parents kicked me out of the house. They had tried everything. Nothing worked. And it got to the point where my lifestyle had become so disruptive to the rest of the household, that they were left with no choice but to painfully say, “We love you but you can’t continue to live this way and live under our roof.”

Broussard, Bigotry, and the NBA by Denny Burk

After Broussard spoke his Christian conviction, there was an immediate backlash across the internet. Katie McDonough at called Broussard’s words “hateful.” Even ESPN issued a statement saying that it regretted the distraction from Jason Collins’ announcement.

A Prayer for Thick Skin and a Big Heart by Scotty Smith

Jesus, we ask you for thick skin and a big heart. We want to love well—to love to your glory, when we experience everything from unintended slights to fully intended harm. Where evil has already deeply wounded us or is presently stalking, remind us that you will repay, you will avenge. Make this real to us and not just a vague spiritual maxim.

The Morning After Abortion Pill, Over the Counter by Gene Veith

This routinizes abortion, making it happen so early that it won’t seem so horrible.


*** During my days of working in hotels, I often had the privilege of functioning as a concierge. I would direct people to the best restaurants and points of interest. This blog feature is my attempt to point Christians to some of the best articles online.