Concierge #14

Here are some internet articles from this past week.

Forty Days of Mourning

On this, my fortieth day of mourning my beloved, I remove the ring she put on my finger. I cried through putting her ring on, even as I cry in taking mine off.

R.C. Sproul Jr. lets us take a look into the past 40 days after the death of his wife.  This is definitely worth the time to read.

Is Your Faith Towards Christ Real?

Would you like to know whether your faith is real? Then try it by the feelings toward Christ which it produces.

Wise words from a 19th century giant, J.C. Ryle.  This short article gives us a great test to determine if our faith is real.

The Clap Offering

But at church, we aren’t supposed to be performing. Yet, we feel this compulsion to clap. We can’t help it. We find ourselves clapping, then realize we can’t clap for the band so someone will shout “Let’s give a clap offering to the Lord! Hurray!”

Ben Cotton provides a great tongue-in-cheek post over at Stuff Christians Like.

Post-Prayer Satanic Whispers

Relentless, cruel, malicious Satanic whispers that begin the second I end my morning prayer with, “Amen.”

Anyone else get that?

David Murray explains how he handles those whispers from the wicked one that begin when you finish praying.

From the Archives: The Fallacy of Similarity

One of the most common usages of this fallacy relates to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. If one states that anybody or any group has any point of comparison to Hitler or the Nazis, the response is almost automatic, “Are you calling me/us Hitler or Nazis?” The answer is clearly no.

Almost 4 years ago, I penned this article.  I continue to see this fallacy when people argue.

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