Concierge 15.01.08


Living in Christ-Oriented Relationships: Ephesians 5:18-6:9

by Melissa Affolter

Frustrations creep in when we see merely the obligations of our relationships without understanding the provision of God.

When we are filled with the Spirit, we will naturally express praise and thanksgiving. Right relationships are the fruit of a heart characterized by Spirit-filled joy and gratitude. This is not a to-do list. It’s a beautiful picture of redeemed relationships.

Why the Church Needs Intergenerational Friendships

by Joseph Rhea

A hearty “amen” to this article. I have been greatly blessed through relationships with those who are an older generation and a younger generation from my own.

Intergenerational community is part of God’s vision for the church (see Titus 2). It’s a beautiful one, and friendship is the key. When individual Christians believe it’s worth sacrificing for, our churches will begin reflecting that multigenerational beauty.

Back to Business as Usual: Calvin on Gen. 9

by Aaron Denlinger

One might think that after the devastation of the flood, humans might be serious about their covenant with God. Think again. Thankfully God returned to his business, too.

It was, then, truly business as usual after the flood, for both good and ill. Sinful man returned to his ways of marrying and making babies, eating and drinking, working and (for some) worshiping, and, of course, sinning. God remained God, and so returned to the business of pursuing sinners with his “paternal love,” sustaining them by the word of his promise in the hope of eternal life with him.

Preaching and Teaching

by R.C. Sproul

The church needs more preaching and teaching today…not less. Our practice should be more like that of the reformers.

I say this not to encourage the creation of programs for the sake of programs, and I don’t want to put an unmanageable burden on church members or church staff‹s. But history shows us that the greatest periods of revival and reformation the church has ever seen occur in conjunction with the frequent, consistent, and clear preaching of God’s Word. If we would see the Holy Spirit bring renewal to our churches and our lands, it will require preachers who are committed to the exposition of Scripture, and laypeople who will look for shepherds to feed them the Word of God and take full advantage of the opportunities for biblical instruction that are available.

10 Distractions Regarding Worship Music

by Chuck Lawless

Can you relate to any of these. My best example relates to #8 on his list. The projected lyrics intended to communicate that we “sing” to the Lord. Instead the lyrics were askew and read that we “sin” to the Lord. I confess I was distracted by that.