Concierge 2016

The Top Ten Articles for the Year

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As we end the year which is 2016, we take a look back to some of the articles on this blog. These ten articles are the top ten written this year. It is worth noting that some articles from previous years continue to be found by quite a few readers.

Look forward to much more activity in 2017. Discipleship is a key word for me for 2017. The blog will be an outlet for my discipleship efforts. Without further ado, here are my selections for the top posts of 2016.

  1. What Is a Prodigal Pilgrim?
  2. Muhammad Ali & Billy Graham: The Day I Got Them Together
  3. We Are All Prodigals
  4. The Prayer of the Prodigal King: Confession of Wickedness
  5. The Prayer of the Prodigal King: Asking for Forgiveness
  6. The Prayer of the Prodigal King: The God of Mercy
  7. The Hurtful Relationships of a Prodigal
  8. When Deep Grief Trumps a Sinful Celebration: How to Respond When a Former Brother Trumpets His Sin
  9. Why Do You Pray?
  10. Two Sins to Avoid

Question: Which article would you have placed at the top of the list?