Concierge 13.05.13


Facing the Truth

Jesus is making us into something. C. S. Lewis wrote that God is making us into “little Christs.” We all ache for the day when we’ll be free of our sins, our bad habits, our bitterness, the things about us that we think ugly or undesirable. But perhaps the road of sanctification will be an easier one when we recognize in ourselves the sin of self-consciousness, the sin of reputation management, the sin of lying to ourselves. To live our lives with a pretense of self-sufficiency, strength, and have-it-togetherness is to diminish the visible work of God’s grace.

— Andrew Peterson, The Rabbit Room

The Radical, Missional, but not-so-new Legalism

Michael Horton calls Christianity a “sit down” religion, not because our faith is not active, but because we have to sit down and receive before we have something to give others.  We are active, but it is because we’ve been given something.   So every Sunday we sit down in church to hear God’s word preached by God’s servants and to learn about our glorious inheritance.  Every Sabbath we turn our hearts towards the north star of God’s living and beautiful words because we are so prone to forget our inheritance and wander into the wilderness.  In our anxiety, we prefer to launch a new movement to assuage this restlessness that only the Father, speaking to us about His Son through the power of the Holy Spirit, can cure.

Mark Green, Out of the Horse’s Mouth

A Prayer for Resting in the Sovereignty and Goodness of God

Glorious Triune God, lately my attitude about politics in general, and the American political process in particular, has been a growing source of irritation and cynicism—a sure indication that I need the gospel to center me. This small portion of your Scripture confronts my bad attitude with your glory and grace; your might and mercy; your presence and your purposes. Nothing has greater power to convict me of my sin and help me regain perspective than your Word.

— Scotty Smith, Heavenward

When Harsh Words Are Kind

We are all tempted to pursue our own glory, even in the work of the kingdom. When we recognize that familiar craving we need to deal severely with it. We must confess it (often to others, not just God), repent, and resist. Because, if left alone, it can develop into a spiritual cancer that can blind us to real glory, and may ultimately kill us.

— Jon Bloom, Desiring God

The Heresy of Perfectionism

Inevitably the error of perfectionism breeds one, or usually two, deadly delusions. To convince ourselves that we have achieved sinlessness, we must either suffer from a radical overestimation of our moral performance or we must seriously underestimate the requirements of God’s law.

— R.C. Sproul, Ligonier



*** During my days of working in hotels, I often had the privilege of functioning as a concierge. I would direct people to the best restaurants and points of interest. This blog feature is my attempt to point Christians to some of the best articles online.