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heavenI agree with the title of the new movie, Heaven is for Real. But once the title passes, not much exists that resembles biblical Christianity.

Recently I noticed a close connection on Facebook “liking” the movie. I sent them a personal message expressing my concern with this movie. The person responded that they had read the book and liked the message. So I responded with “what is the message?” I’m still waiting for that answer.

As I have already indicated – if the message is that heaven is for real, then simply read the title and go on. But if the message is about the observations of a little boy who went to heaven and returned to earth to talk about his wings and halo, acquaintances, etc., then you would do well to pass it by.

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rightsidehistoryPerhaps you have heard that agreeing with the LGBT crowd on the issues of homosexuality will put one “on the right side of history.” I think that line should be modified to being “on the right side of 2013-2014.”

To be on the right side of history is to take into account not only our modern culture, but the realm of man’s story. That is history. So what is the right side of history?

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Noah [Movie Review]

March 28, 2014 — 1 Comment

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Top 25 College QB’s for 2014

My favorite position in sports is the quarterback position. I was one. Sporting News has released it’s projection of the top 25 QB’s for the upcoming 2014 season.

I can’t see much room for arguing with the top picks. I do see argument room on down the list. #13 Devin Gardner (Michigan) is highly overrated on this list while #22 Anthony Boone (Duke) seems the most underrated.

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Recently it became an easy thing to find out the first tweet of twitter accounts. I have gathered some of those and found some interesting tidbits. These are arranged by the following categories: Eager Declarations, Leery Beginnings, Straight to Business, Paul Tripp Quotes and the Mundane.

Yes, an entire category of Paul Tripp quotes. One is a retweet of Tripp by Keith Baker (@pastorkeith73) which simply shows up as from Tripp. Sadly my first tweet falls in the mundane category (with the good company of Mike Cosper). Cosper gets the award for jumping right in with a food tweet. Mine, however, was about horse racing (:.

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“Noah is the least biblical film ever made.” This is a quote from the director of the movie,¬†Darren Aronofsky. His quote continues with language that I will not quote in this article.

Of course, whenever Hollywood takes artistic license with a biblical story, a debate about the role of art is sure to ensue. And just as surely as that debate will rage, some in the Christian community will judge Christian critics for being judgmental. (Did you catch the irony of that sentence?) In fact, it is already happening and the movie is weeks away from being released in the U.S.

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Don’t eat when you are naked.

Frank Barone on the Moral of Adam & Eve