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Meeting George Strait

June 7, 2014

straitToday is the day for the final George Strait concert. He will be performing at the home of the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas at the age of 62. It should be some farewell as The Cowboy Rides Away.

Strait has 44 #1 songs on his resume and has sold more gold and platinum albums than anybody except for Elvis and The Beatles. While I am working, I have my Pandora set to the George Strait channel.

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84We are going back to 1987 for this movie review. Recently I was scrolling through the listing guide for television when I noticed a movie that top billed Anne Bancroft, Anthony Hopkins and Judi Dench. That list piqued my attention. When I saw that it was a movie was put out by Mel Brooks film company, I almost passed it by. I did not have any interest in an unknown cousin of Blazing Saddles.

I am so glad that the Anthony Hopkins appeal to me overruled the Mel Brooks disinterest. This movie was well worth the time and I highly recommend it.

The movie will not appeal to those who need explosions, chases, sex and violence in their flicks. It will certainly appeal to those who are Angliophiles and bibliophiles. In the opening scenes set in post World War II, Helene Hanff (Anne Bancroft) searches for out of print English Literature books in the bookstores of New York City. Hanff eventually writes to an antiquarian book shoppe in London manned by Frank Doel (Anthony Hopkins).

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The modern era lost a great poet this week with the passing of Maya Angelou. Like other artists in history, Angelou used a medium to communicate a message to her audience. Her medium was primarily in the forms of poetry and prose. For the most part, her message communicated hope to her audience.

But as Christians, we must be wise in considering the message. Does it reveal truth? We should consider the messenger, but don’t let the message pass untested because of our admiration for the messenger. The same is true of the medium. Just because we might love poetry, does not mean that we turn an uncritical eye to the poem.

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West Pam Beach VA Hospital

West Pam Beach VA Hospital

On this Memorial Day, I begin by expressing my sincerest gratitudes for those members of our armed forces who have paid for our liberties with their lives. From the beginning days of our nation’s history until today, we have asked men and women to lay down their lives. They deserve our highest honor.

Several days a week I am at the VA Medical Center in my area. I often see veterans who are without limbs and with other injuries with which they have lived. They also deserve honor.

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What does a person have to do to be fined, suspended and sent to indoctrination classes? If your name is Don Jones and you are employed by the Miami Dolphins in the NFL, all you have to do is tweet your disapproval of a PDA (public display of affection) by an openly homosexual draftee in the NFL draft.

Willie Myrick

Willie Myrick

Last week Willie Myrick, age 10, was kidnapped in Atlanta. The kidnapper repeatedly cursed at the young boy. So how did this boy respond? He continued singing his favorite gospel song, Every Praise.

After three hours, the kidnapper could not take the praises to God any longer. He stopped the vehicle and tossed the boy out.

Below is a video of the song by Grammy Award winning artist, Hezekiah Walker. Listen and join in on the praise. It surely beats cursing.

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heavenI agree with the title of the new movie, Heaven is for Real. But once the title passes, not much exists that resembles biblical Christianity.

Recently I noticed a close connection on Facebook “liking” the movie. I sent them a personal message expressing my concern with this movie. The person responded that they had read the book and liked the message. So I responded with “what is the message?” I’m still waiting for that answer.

As I have already indicated – if the message is that heaven is for real, then simply read the title and go on. But if the message is about the observations of a little boy who went to heaven and returned to earth to talk about his wings and halo, acquaintances, etc., then you would do well to pass it by.

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The Right Side of History

April 16, 2014

rightsidehistoryPerhaps you have heard that agreeing with the LGBT crowd on the issues of homosexuality will put one “on the right side of history.” I think that line should be modified to being “on the right side of 2013-2014.”

To be on the right side of history is to take into account not only our modern culture, but the realm of man’s story. That is history. So what is the right side of history?

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Noah [Movie Review]

March 28, 2014

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