I Had a Heart Attack

At about 2am last Saturday morning, I awoke to my chest and throat tightening in a very painful way.  Since this was the fourth such episode in a few days, we drove about 100 yards to the hospital ER.  In moments I was hooked up to all sorts of things.

The doctors and nurses got me stabilized until they could find out what was going on for sure.  I saw 4 cardiologists and 2 other doctors who concurred that I had suffered a heart attack or series of heart attacks.  They devised a plan of keeping me stable over the weekend and then going into my heart through an artery in my groin area.

They did that on Monday and placed two stents into one of my main arteries leading into my heart.  The stents work to open up the clogged artery which was depriving my heart of oxygen.  Two other minor vessels were blocked, but could not be repaired.  Amazingly, the body had already made it’s own adjustment to compensate for those areas.

Monday night was spent in ICU, and I came home on Tuesday afternoon.  My body is recovering with the aid of some pretty expensive pharmaceuticals.  I am tackling the diet and exercise thing with gusto.  Well, the diet part anyway.  Besides some walking, exercise will have to wait a bit.

I will probably write some more on this phase of life because it is more than a physical thing.

Physically – my fragile body is in better shape than it was this time last week.

Mentally – my mind has been racing all week long.

Emotionally – mostly I have been quieter and at peace.  I have had times of frustration, anger and confusion.

Spiritually – this ordeal has put me in a place where I am more confident of God and so want to know him more and more.

Financially – lots of questions here.

Relationally – where do I begin?

My wife really loves me.  I have scared and frustrated her, but she demonstrates her love in the midst of all of that.

My family is simply amazing.  Kids, grandkids, parents, siblings, in-laws, etc. etc.  I am a blessed man.

My friends have prayed for me, sent encouraging words and called.  Although I was unable to respond to each person, please know how much each of you mean to me.

So, until I put more thoughts on paper, keep us in your prayers.