“Heaven is for Real” is Fiction

heavenI agree with the title of the new movie, Heaven is for Real. But once the title passes, not much exists that resembles biblical Christianity.

Recently I noticed a close connection on Facebook “liking” the movie. I sent them a personal message expressing my concern with this movie. The person responded that they had read the book and liked the message. So I responded with “what is the message?” I’m still waiting for that answer.

As I have already indicated – if the message is that heaven is for real, then simply read the title and go on. But if the message is about the observations of a little boy who went to heaven and returned to earth to talk about his wings and halo, acquaintances, etc., then you would do well to pass it by.

Why do so many who identify as Christian, readily dispense with the clear teaching of Scripture for emotional and fanciful stories? When did a modern five year old trump the teaching of God as recorded by the apostles and prophets?

The actual experience of this boy does not match up with what is recorded in the Bible. Men (women or children) did not ascend into heaven and return with a story to tell. In fact, only a few even saw a vision of heaven. These were all left in such awe and dread. Their clear focus was on the glory and majesty of God.

Some would argue that this could help people believe who don’t yet believe. Yet Jesus taught about a man who asked that somebody from the dead return to earth to warn his brothers. Here is the final sentence of Jesus’ teaching:

If they do not hear Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be convinced if someone should rise from the dead. –Luke 16:31 (ESV)

Some evangelicals are nearing the superstitious practices of medieval times when folks collected and sought special grace by viewing and/or touching relics that simply could not be actual relics. Even were they real, our faith is not one of this kind of mysticism.

So save your popcorn money and the two hours at the theater. Your time would be better spent examining the Scriptures to see the God who is eternally glorious. Or if you need a break, go and see the movie Bears.