The Converting Power of the Public Reading of Scripture

ryle bannerAlmost every Lord’s Day, I have the privilege of reading a text of Scripture to the congregation at First Boynton Church. It is a joy beyond measure to give voice to the very Word of the Lord.

In my other teachings and preaching, my words are not infallible. I pray that they be true to the Scriptures and that the Spirit of God would use them to bring life and instruction. But when I simply read the text, these words are mighty and powerful. They are completely trustworthy.

In light of this, I read with interest an article related to the conversion of J.C. Ryle. Ryle, the 19th century bishop of Liverpool, was used mightily by the Lord through his preaching and writing.

Grace to Blush

Blush, sinner, blush! Oh, that thou hadst grace to blush!

–John Bunyan

John Bunyan’s exclamation in the 17th century is extremely applicable now in the 21st century. It has been said that we have even forgotten how to blush. We tend to live life in a manner that knows no shame. In fact, we fulfill the Scriptures by glorying in our shame.

Brother Bryan: A Man of Prayer

Brother Bryan

Brother Bryan

Timothy George has penned an article about the prayer life of James Alexander Bryan of Birmingham, Alabama. When I read about men of prayer like “Brother Bryan”, I am stirred to become more a man of prayer. Bryan was the pastor of Third Presbyterian Church for more than five decades. He prayed for and with people of all varieties all over the city. Here is the link to the full article. My takeaways are below.

God of Fire, Man of Prayer | Timothy George | First Things.

Spurgeon on the Justice of God

God is just…this gives us our terror at first; but is it not marvellous that this very same belief that God is just, becomes afterwards the pillar of our confidence and peace! If God be just, I, a sinner, alone and without a substitute, must be punished; but Jesus stands in my stead and is punished for me; and now, if God be just, I, a sinner, standing in Christ, can never be punished. God must change His nature before one soul, for whom Jesus was a substitute, can ever by any possibility suffer the lash of the law.

–Charles Spurgeon, MORNING AND EVENING: DAILY READINGS (Morning, September 25)