How I Use the New Facebook Layout in My Prayer Life

As users of Facebook are aware, newly designed profile pages have been rolling out on the popular social site.  Whenever a new version is released, one can count on seeing status updates bemoaning the changes.  I certainly understand getting comfortable with a version only to find yourself learning something new.  However, I have found a way to take advantage of this new format.

For some time Facebook has kept me informed about urgent prayer requests for people with whom I am connected.  This morning I am praying for a former co-worker’s father-in-law after an automobile accident placed him in serious condition in the hospital.

I am also connected with people on the mission field and with missions organizations.  Their updates allow me to intercede for what God is doing around the world.  This morning I am praying for a cousin and her co-laborers who are building a crisis pregnancy center in Mexico.

Some of my connections on Facebook post status updates which indicate that following Jesus may not be at the top of their list of priorities right now.  You know what I am talking about.  Instead of policing their comments, I am able to intercede for them.

Now with the new profile layout, I am excited about another way to pray for those in my world.  When I click on my own profile, I see my mug in the top left corner.  Under that picture is a column of pictures and names.  This is where the good stuff comes in to play.

The first picture under mine is of my lovely wife.  So I begin this part of my prayer time by praying for her.  She needs lots of prayer since she is stuck with me.  Each day she will always be first in this prayer time.

The next set of pictures is a random (Facebook algorithm) pictured list of 10 of my friends.  Since I have over 500 “friends” at this point, I am pretty sure I won’t do a very good job of praying for each of them today.  So I let Facebook provide me with 10 friends for whom I pray for on that day.  Luck of the draw?  I trust that God is in charge even of Facebook’s algorithm.

This morning I prayed for a few of my relatives, a couple of people who formerly called me their pastor, a person on staff at our church, people with whom I have worked and attended school and a lesser known contact.  I see their pictures and call them to mind as I pray that the Lord would bless them.

If you have more time to pray, simply refresh the page and begin again.

Under this random set of 10 friends, I have pictures of my family.  This way I am reminded to pray specifically for those with whom I share blood lines.

If you use Facebook, why not give this a shot.  If we are connected as friends, then at some point you will be reminded to pray for me.  Leave a comment below if you do this.  If we are not friends, click on my Facebook badge on the right sidebar and connect with me.  We can then pray for each other.  Again, leave a comment below so I will know how we became friends on Facebook.

Perhaps you have found other ways for Facebook to aid you spiritually.  I would love to hear about this.

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