I Hear Voices – Series

In Hebrews 11, the Bible tells us about “people of old” who were commended for their faith.  The writer of Hebrews also tells us that even though they may be dead, they still speak to us.  This series of articles examines what we should be hearing from these past men and women of faith.  The goal of these articles is to strengthen our own faith.
  1. I Hear Voices
  2. I Hear Abel’s Voice
  3. I Hear Enoch’s Voice
  4. I Hear Noah’s Voice
  5. I Hear Abraham’s Voice
  6. I Hear Sarah’s Voice
  7. I Hear Isaac’s Voice
  8. I Hear Jacob’s Voice
  9. I Hear Joseph’s Voice
  10. I Hear Moses’ Voice
  11. I Hear the Israelites’ Voice
  12. I Hear Rahab’s Voice
  13. I Hear Gideon’s Voice
  14. I Hear Barak’s Voice
  15. I Hear Samson’s Voice
  16. I Hear Jephthah’s Voice
  17. I Hear David’s Voice
  18. I Hear Samuel’s Voice
  19. I Hear the Prophets’ Voices
  20. I Hear Jesus’ Voice

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