Inner Stirrings

The past few days have been quietly interesting. Inside of me a gentle stirring has been taking place. They are stirrings which make me hopeful while at the same time make me timid. The stirring is more of a longing, hungering, thirsting for real, lasting intimacy with God. It is an intimacy that I have experienced often in the past, but not much in the recent past.

The hopeful side of me prays that this will be the time when I can finally put all of the crap aside and really delight in the Lord. The timid side knows that a few times, I have been close to this. The quagmire that sin led me into has proven to be a difficult grasp to loosen. A very public fall that shook every aspect of my life, wounded and bruised very sorely. It nearly killed me.

Pray that this time will be different.