Keep It In the Kitchen

While watching a BBC episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon presented a sage piece of advice for the kitchen in a British restaurant.

Don’t let your mistakes leave the kitchen.

On his first visit to the restaurant, Ramsey sampled some of the dishes from the menu. He had a fatty piece of lamb and nearly swallowed a long bone from his fish.

After spending a week with the owner and staff, Ramsey had transformed this team into a functional business team. During his final meeting with the staff, he presented them with a new clock for the kitchen. On the face of the clock, he inscribed the quote as a reminder that somebody in the kitchen has to prevent mistakes from making it to the diner’s table.

Mistakes will be made in the running of any business. The key is to catch them before they adversely effect those paying for the services or products that are offered.

In the hotel business, it is essential that rooms and common areas be clean and well maintained. Good hotels understand that at times a cleaner may miss something. So we employ people to inspect what has been cleaned. This accountability cuts down on the possibilities that guests may discover what has been overlooked. It is a cardinal rule that whatever gets missed will turn out to be something highly embarrassing or troublesome.

In our personal lives, we will also make mistakes. The key is to quarantine them so that those around us are not hurt.