Light Up My Eyes

The other night I was sitting on our back porch watching an amazing storm.  The winds were blowing.  The rain was falling.  Thunder was echoing across the peninsula.  Lightning was illuminating the darkened sky.  My cat, Figaro, was sitting in my lap frightened at the powerful display of the storm.  The pupils of his eyes had expanded fully as he was taking the sights.

Just as the eyes of a cat change, so do ours.  When we are nervous, our eyes flutter back and forth.  It is as if we are trying to catch sight of something that makes sense.  When we are determined, we might be said to have a steely gaze.  We look intently and with focus at the object of our attention.

What happens when we are sad or weary?  We might refer to our eyes being heavy.  The rest of our body takes the cue from our eyes.  Our steps become laborious.  Our thoughts cannot seem to move into another gear.  A darkness sets in and may even effect the hue of our eyes.

It is in that kind of setting that the psalmist pleads with God to Light up my eyes (Psalm 13:3 – ESV).  His enemies seemingly are triumphant.  His heart is sorrowful all day long.  He feels that God has forgotten and forsaken him.  He feels that God’s face has been hidden.  That is, God is not watching.  He is not listening.  He is not speaking.

The psalmist knows that his eyes are heavy.  So heavy, in fact, that the next phase is that they sleep in death.  That is the weight which is weighing him down and is reflected in his eyes.  Yet, he still knows and trusts God.  So he cries out, Light up my eyes.

As a husband, the greatest joy that I have is when my wife looks at me and her blue eyes are sparkling and dancing.  Her eyes are always beautiful, but those special moments exist when they light up all that is in and around me.  In those moments, I try to remember what it was that I did or said that might have caused her eyes to light up like that.  I savor those moments.

The psalmist knew that when the Lord lights up our eyes, we will rejoice and sing.  Light eyes result in merriment.  Do you want God to light up your eyes?  If so, some truth has to replace the focus on the weary details that have caused our eyes to grow heavy and dark.  At the end of the psalm, these are the areas of focus on which the psalmist gazed.

  • He could trust in the steadfast love of the Lord.
  • He could rejoice in the salvation from the Lord.
  • He could sing because of the bountiful blessings of the Lord.

Are your eyes heavy?  Know that there is a constant love for you from God that rescues you and provides you with much good from His hand.

Lord, light up my eyes.