8 Links for Your Christian Journey

1.  The Anatomy of Holiness – Kevin DeYoung

  • The mind is filled with the knowledge of God and fixed on what is good.
  • The eyes turn away from sensuality and shudder at the sight of evil.
  • The mouth tells the truth and refuses to gossip, slander, or speak what is coarse or obscene.
  • The spirit is earnest, steadfast, and gentle.
  • The soul rests and rejoices in Jesus.
  • The muscles toil and strive after Christlike virtue.
  • The heart is full of joy instead of hopelessness, patience instead of irritability, kindness instead of anger, and humility instead of pride, thankfulness instead of envy.
  • The sexual organs are pure, being reserved for the privacy of marriage between one man and one woman.
  • The feet move toward the lowly and away from senseless conflict, divisions, and wild parties.
  • The hands are quick to help those in need and ready to fold in prayer.

2.  5 Facebook Friends You Don’t Want – Daniel Darling

  1. Former girlfriends
  2. Friends who like to excessively chat
  3. Friends with immodest pictures
  4. Friends who use profanity
  5. Friends who are flirty

3.  What Should I Do When Feeling Completely Overwhelmed? – R.C. Sproul Jr.

Wise words from a man who recently lost his wife to cancer.

4.  Divine Motivation for Husbands – Paul Tautges

A husband’s disobedience to God’s command to love and honor his wife results in an interruption of God’s prayer-answering power. This is a sober reminder.

5.  How My Husband Leads – Nicole Cottrell

And to those women who question the thought of a man leading their home, I submit to you my very own husband. My husband leads and he leads well. His leading blesses me and our marriage as a whole. Here’s how he does it…

6.  The Deep Limitations of Digital Church – Al Mohler

A digital preacher will not preach your funeral. The deep limitations of digital technologies become evident where the church is most needed. Don’t allow the Internet to become your congregation. YouTube is a horrible place to go to church.

7.  Of Sounds and Silence – Jeremy Walker

Like many, you may be appalled at how often the Lord Jesus issues a command to those whom he has healed to keep silent about what has taken place and the command is immediately not just ignored but thoroughly trampled upon.

8.  Chuck Colson Remembered

If you look over on the right sidebar, you can get free music from Kristin Gilles of Sojourn Church in Louisville.  I’ll keep the link up for about a week. So get yours now.

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