Louisville is #1…in Divorce

According to this article (America’s Unhappiest Cities: Louisville, Ky. – BusinessWeek), Louisville, Kentucky leads the nation in divorces.  The city also ranks as the 17th unhappiest city with divorce being one of the key factors.

Unfortunately, I have contributed to that divorce statistic and had some very unhappy year there.  I am not sure what is in the water that makes divorce so prevalent among Louisvillians, but I pray that those in the city will strengthen their marriages in the days to come.

Louisville is a great place.  My issues were not related to the city.  In fact, I am stronger today because of people I met and who live there.  I have 3 children, 3 grandchildren, 1 son-in-law and 1 daughter-in-law residing there.  I have wonderful friends and I met my wife, Suzie, while living there.

Will you join with me in praying for stronger marriages for this city?  I am specifically praying for the marriages of two of my kids who live in The Ville.