Is Mayor a Biblical Office?

Frank just became the mayor of Red Bank Baptist Church!

The above line was what popped up on Foursquare’s website on Sunday morning after I “checked in” at church.  If you have followed along on P2P (Pulpit 2 Pew) there has been discussion about what my role in the life of the church might be after having been disqualified in 1997.  Foursquare is the first entity to actually do something about it.

I hope you can tell that this blog post is tongue-in-cheek.  First of all, Foursquare uses different criteria than does the Bible.  Secondly, the closest I can come to a mayor in Christendom is Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.  Thirdly, Red Bank Baptist Church isn’t the most technological of churches.  It only took 2 check-ins at the church to be the mayor.

So all it took to be mayor was to show up at the church at least twice.  Not the most ringing qualification.

What to do?  Well as mayor…ahem, I mean as a member of Red Bank Baptist Church, I want to strive to live Christ in my life.  I want to pray for and support my pastor, Adam Dooley.  I want to encourage and be encouraged by other members.  I want to be on mission to the world around me.

In my Bible reading the other morning, I was reminded that what God wants is that I be consecrated to him and that I do what He says.  So that is my plan.

Just curious: any other mayor’s of churches out there?