Music To Nourish Your Soul: Watch the Rising Day by Matthew Smith

Great theologically based music can really feed our souls. In the Bible, we have the record of David’s songs in the book of Psalms. They cover times when he was on the mountain tops as well as in the valleys. Most of us have learned to relish in God as we read these Psalms. My hope is that the music that I feature from time to time will also cause us to relish in our great God.

At the top of this website is a new category, “Music.” Each time I add particular resource, that resource will be added to the Music page. That means you can go to that page and reflect on God through music. You are welcome to enjoy each resource. You will also find a way to connect with the source of the music in case you are interested in purchasing a CD or download. P2P gets nothing from this, but you will be supporting these Christian artists.

This first resource is the latest CD by Matthew Smith, Watch the Rising Day. Each song from the CD is here. Enjoy.