God’s Testing of Faith

Genesis 22:1-18

On Sunday I had the privilege of preaching the sermon for the folks at FirstBoynton. This was the first time that I have stepped behind the pulpit of a church since 1997. Before that time I preached in churches well over a thousand times. For a long time I thought I would never do so again.

To say that I am grateful to the Lord would be quite an understatement. My pastors and church family have been wonderful encouragers. They have allowed me to teach Bible studies and other classes.

But to say it was simply a stroll in the park would be inaccurate. The weight of handling God’s word and of communicating it to his people is great. This morning I was driving home from my cardiac rehab and tuned in to hear Alistair Begg preaching about preaching on his broadcast Truth That Matters. Let me simply quote him because this is how I felt when the service ended.

Five minutes after the benediction is a tough time for the preacher. I’m not thrilled with my sermon. I’m not thrilled with myself. I find a place to commiserate with myself.

Should you chose to watch the video of the sermon, I hope it will be of spiritual benefit to you. Please overlook my shortcomings and some problems with the microphone. Perhaps God will still use me in ministering his word through preaching and teaching.

The sermon was a continuation of a series in Genesis that two of our pastors have been preaching. My passage was Genesis 22:1-18, and the title was God’s Testing of Faith.