My Daughter Has Breast Cancer

Yesterday  I answered my phone as I saw my daughter Leah’s number pop up.  I eagerly punched the button to talk to a young lady who has demonstrated such love to her dad, her family and so many others.  She is the mother of my two grandsons.  I was not ready for what she had to say.  She told me that she had just received news that she has breast cancer and will be undergoing surgery very soon to remove a large mass.

I felt like somebody punched me in the gut.  Tears filled my eyes and I found it difficult to speak.  My little girl was hurting.  I have four amazing children.  Leah has been the rock in our family.  In good times, she is the life of any get together.  In tough times, she keeps everybody close.  As her father, Leah has brought tremendous joy into my life.  From a child, she has always been disciplined and lively.  How can I forget checking on her after she had gone to sleep and finding her clothes laid on for the next day in the shape of a body?  No bed time was needed as she would trudge off to bed on her own.  On family trips she always had a song in her heart and on her voice.  If she wasn’t singing songs from The Cabbage Patch cassette tape, she was making up songs on her own.  “Going around the curve” was her favorite whenever we would travel winding roads.

Leah has always been willing to challenge you when you were not living like you should.  I know that my life would never have gotten back on track had it not been for Leah confronting me.  That takes tremendous courage to do so to your father.  But she did and I am grateful.

The picture at the top of this article is what Leah has chosen for her Facebook profile as she fights this thing.  I know she will fight with everything she has.  She is a tough young lady.  In her school days, she played softball and basketball.  In softball her teammates had to be aware whenever Leah had the ball in her hand.  If she was throwing it to you, it was coming at full speed even if you were only 5 feet away.  In basketball, she shot the ball with such force that backboards and rims are probably still shaking.  Needless to say, she did not score many points.  On the other hand, the person she guarded did not either.  She was relentless in playing defense.

So now she gets to bring that toughness into a new arena.  Fight she will.  I am asking each of you to pray for Leah as she fights.  God is taking her down a new path.  I am confident that she will follow the Good Shepherd and bring every ounce of energy she can muster.  Leah, Dad loves you so much.  Part of me hoped you would avoid this kind of pain, but I know you will become an even more amazing lady through this.

Perhaps you have or are battling cancer.  If you want to make note of that in the comments, we will all join in praying for you and those we know who face this.