May 2016 Concierge: A Baker’s Dozen Destinations

During my days of hotel work, guests often asked for recommendations for local points of interest. These points could be things to do, attractions to see or places to eat. Concierge is a feature that points to destinations online for guests to this blog.

This edition of Concierge points out 13 places online which proved beneficial to me during May 2016. By doing this only once a month, I hope to provide some great referrals. This month I have linked to 12 articles and one video.

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The Prayer of the Prodigal King in Psalm 51: Asking for Forgiveness

King David was forced to face his death deserving sin by the confrontation of the prophet Nathan. Deep conviction stirred the heart of the one who God would later call a man after my heart (Acts 13:22). David would cry out to God by confessing that he was guilty of transgressions, iniquity and sin.

Since God is holy, wicked men cannot hope for fellowship with the Creator…unless this holy God grants forgiveness. The penalty for sin is death, alienation or separation from God. By his own words to Nathan, David knew that he deserved death.

In Psalm 51 David repeatedly asks for forgiveness. Let’s examine the eight lines David employs in this request.

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Revival & Revivalism by Iain H. Murray [Book Review]

Revival & Revivalism: The Making and Marring of American Evangelicalism 1750-1858. Iain H. Murray. The Banner of Truth Trust. 1994.

Want a book that combines rich theology, historical diligence, and practical teaching? Then Iain Murray’s book is for you. This is a volume that I soaked into my mind and heart. As I turned the final page, my wonder for the sovereign Lord was greatly increased.

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