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Questions for God

April 4, 2014 — Leave a comment

Sometimes we talk about questioning God. There are usually two reasons we question God. Some people question God as a way to accuse God. We volley questions which are really complaints. They usually look something like this, God, why did our didn’t you do (fill in the blank)?

These accusatory questions cannot equate God’s supposed character with some sort of activity or inactivity on God’s part. Perhaps the problem lies in a misunderstanding of God’s character. Or perhaps it is a problem with a false belief in the superiority of our reasoning. These questions could be stated in a declarative sentence that begin with something like this, If I were God…

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This article has a strange title, Critiquing the Critics Who Critique the Critics. What? Let me explain.

I am not the only one who has noticed an interesting mindset that has presented itself on social media in recent days.

Here is how Andy Harrison described this social mindset – Two days after most people respond to a current issue, these people show up to set everybody straight on what Jesus would REALLY do.

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In case you missed this very short video clip, here it is. This is R.C. Sproul with a short but profound quip to a question about explaining the reality of sin to a person who doesn’t believe sin exists.

sproul meme