My Natural Studliness

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On this Valentine’s Day I had to share with you a frame from Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin finds himself overwhelmed when he thinks that Susie has sent him a Valentine’s card. Not being a fan of girls, Calvin comes up with an explanation for this unfortunate turn of events.

My natural studliness has overwhelmed Susie’s fragile grip on reality.

It seemed appropriate to me to change the spelling of Susie to Suzie and apply it to my marriage. Obviously the only explanation for Suzie being my valentine and wife is related to my natural studliness.

Hey, I didn’t write the comic strip. I’m just reporting it to you.


Heart Attack #4

This kind of posting has turned into a 4-part series. In case you want the full history, here are the previous three entries.

This past Friday, I headed to the VA hospital in West Palm Beach for a scheduled stress test. My doctor had scheduled it as a result of some pain that I experienced while mowing the lawn

I made it through the six minutes on the treadmill. When I sat back on the bed, I felt my chest tightening. A few seconds later my throat began tightening. At that point I knew what was going on. Each of my three previous heart attacks all felt the same way.

The cardiologist and staff gave me some nitro pills and aspirin. Still connected to the wires from the heart monitoring device, I was having my fourth heart attack in just over 2 1/2 years. The third in the past year.

I was wheeled into the ER and awaited the arrival of an ambulance a short time later. The ambulance transported me to JFK hospital. JFK specializes in heart care. It is also the place where I had open heart surgery last January. By this time, they had me stabilized and without pain. The ambulance ride was a first for me. It seemed strange laying back watching the traffic out the back window.

Upon arrival at JFK, I was taken directly to the heart cauterization area and prepped. A bit later the doctor probed around my heart from a small entry point in my groin. It really is amazing what they can do.

Three stents later, I was taken to recovery. The doctor told Suzie that he had wanted to work on another area of blockage. However, the planned 20-30 minutes procedure had lasted 90 minutes. We’ll have to deal with that area some other time.

Through all of this, I surely been blessed by the Lord. The medical care that I am receiving is excellent. My wife, family and church have demonstrated great love to me. I’m sure that it has been harder on them than on me. I love them deeply.

My recovery was very quick this time. I was discharged the next morning. 48 hours after the attack, I was reading the Scriptures in our worship service. I do tire easily, but am grateful for the sustaining hand of the Lord.

Yet, I certainly have a new perspective on the fleeting nature of this life. Thanks be to God for his promise of a life in Christ that will never pass away.

A Thanksgiving Heart Attack

While most folks were gathering with families and preparing for a feast, our holiday weekend began and ended at the hospital. Our story begins the previous Sunday morning. While preparing to teach a bible study class on Luke 15, I experienced some tightness in my chest and neck. It went away and I did teach the class.

Then on Wednesday night, the tightness reappeared. This time it did not leave. Suzie drove me to the hospital where the EKG and blood work confirmed what my body was telling my mind – heart attack.

12 Moments That Put a Smile on My Face

  1. The moment I hear “Hi PaPa” on the phone or video chat.
  2. The moment my senses are ambushed by the many facets of God’s creation at the beach.
  3. The moment I hear or see a long distance “Boomer Sooner” from my kids during an Oklahoma football game.
  4. The moment I gather with my First Boynton brothers and sisters in spiritual and truthful worship.
  5. The moment I see the gleam of love in my wife’s pretty blue eyes.
  6. The moment when reading God’s word penetrates deep within my soul.
  7. The moment my phone notifies me of another sale for our online business.
  8. The moment I open a note from a friend from the past.
  9. The moment Figaro (my cat) snuggles into me for a nap.
  10. The moment Suzie and I find a treasure at a thrift store.
  11. The moment I taste a savory new dish.
  12. The moment I open a new long anticipated book.

Another Heart Attack

In June of 2011, I Had a Heart Attack. Fast forward to January of 2013 and I have had another heart attack. Through various forms of communications, I have been assured of being the object of many prayers. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the prayers.

Since one of our expressions of speech identifies heart attacks as serious, I guess I have to take it seriously. The last time doctors inserted a couple of stents. This time stents would not work. I underwent quadruple bypass open heart surgery. So far the doctors are pleased and I am recuperating.

We will see what the Lord is up to in all of this. I am delighted to know that I am his. Whatever happens, may God glorify his name through it all.

Why I Am Contributing to “Gospel Husbands”

Yesterday was the launch of a new website called Gospel Husbands. I am excited to be a regular contributor to this site and already have a couple of articles there for your perusal. In the first one I answer the question of why I am contributing. Here is the first part of the answer,

In short, I am contributing to Gospel Husbands because my story as a husband is a gospel story. My story involves the ugliness and consequence of sin. But it is also one of redemption and the grace of God.

I wish that my story was different. It is not the model that God intended as described by Jesus,

‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”
(Matthew 19:5-6 ESV)

Instead my history as a husband would better be described by the phrase because of your hardness of heart (Matthew 19:8 ESV) that Jesus employed immediately after describing the model marriage.

Click to read the rest of my post on the Gospel Husbands site.

From the River through the Mountains to the Beach

On an October evening in 2002, I first laid eyes on a very attractive lady. Nearby was the Ohio River which was snaking it’s way through the city of Louisville. Little did I know at the time that our own river would traverse a different path than the Ohio.

Instead of flowing into the mighty Mississippi River, our path would climb into the mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. On September 18, 2004 this lady and I stood on the side of one of those mountains to join our lives together in marriage. On that day – 8 Years Ago Today – we became Mr. and Mrs. Gantz. Frank and Suzie (technically it is Suzette) became Fruzie’s. No longer two, but one flesh.

15 Years Lapse Brings Cold Sweats in Church

In the summer of 1997, my life fell apart. Rather I blew up my life and ministry with my sinful actions. Periods of ups and downs followed.

Fast forward to one year ago. That is when we began our journey with First Baptist Church of Boynton Beach in Florida. During the past year, we have grown in our relationship with the Lord and with his people.

At the beginning of the worship service this morning, I stepped front and center to welcome the congregation and read the biblical text for the day. This day it happened to be Psalm 116.