A Prayer for Your Children

The most important thing a parent can do for his/her children is to pray for them.  Prayer is not the only thing we do for them, but it is the most important.  Think of some other things we should do for our kids:

1.  Provide for them
2.  Protect them
3.  Teach them
4.  Discipline them
5.  Spend time with them

All of these are important.  But do not attempt them while neglecting to pray for them.  You can provide abundantly for them and still deprive them if you are prayerless.  You can shield them from pain yet keep them what is most important.  You can teach them (even about God) and they can be lacking in the power of God.  You can harness their inappropriate behavior while the miss out on the one who can strengthen them for holiness.  You can play with them they still do not experience the greatest joy.

Psalm 90 is a prayer of Moses in which he acknowledges how quickly how our lives pass.  Toward the end of this prayer he makes an amazing request of the Lord:

Let your work be shown to your servants,
  and your glorious power to their children.
–Psalm 90:16

This verse begins with a petition that we as parents be shown God’s work.  This is NOT a version of the “Do as I say, not as I do” line that poor parenting speaks.  Instead it stokes the desire in parents to want their children to experience God mightily because we have already done so.

This leads us to the primary point of this article.  We can imitate Moses by praying this for our children, “Let your glorious power be shown to our children.”  What a prayer!  While we might pray for our kids to be healthy and happy, it is even more important to pray for them to see God’s glorious power.

Earlier this year, my daughter discovered that she had breast cancer.  I do not think that I ever experienced such a punch in the gut like I did during that time.  Gratefully she has battled like a warrior and is winning her battle.  I wish she would have been spared this ordeal.  But, honestly, I would rather she have journeyed this way and know the power of God than to have experienced neither the cancer nor the power.

We can join each other in praying this request for our children and grandchildren.  If you want me (us) to prayer for yours, leave a comment with the first names of your kids/grandkids.  Ours are Cameron, Leah, Carlton, Bethany, Mikey, Heath, Caleb and Emma.

You might also want to read about how Job prayed for his children by reading the article I wrote 2 years earlier, Praying for Adult Children.