Resonate News Includes My Story of Church Discipline

The following link will take you to an article which tells part of my story.  The writer, Raymond Billy, and I spent close to an hour on the phone discussing my experience of being on the receiving end of church discipline.

Resonate News: an unobstructed view of the world – Some Christians Value Reprimand From Church Leaders.

I appreciate the purpose of this article to show some of us who really do value what God has done in our lives through the process of church discipline.  Most Christian articles about church discipline concern the process or the church doing the disciplining.  This article will give you the view from the receiving end.

Most other articles about church discipline draw attention to what are either abuses or perceived abuses.  My experience is that being disciplined was far from pleasant, but it was beneficial for my soul.

I Don’t Wanna Know

Knowledge is power.  We have all heard this.  In many cases this is true.  An informed mind is usually more dynamic than an ignorant one.  I have spent umpteen years in formal education institutions.  I continue to read and expand my knowledge base.

When it comes to knowledge, we can qualify what we know as either mental awareness or experiential familiarity.  Keep that in mind as we progress in this article.

There are some things I know of which I wish I was totally ignorant.

Problematic Reasoning By and About Fallen Pastor Darrell Gilyard

Darrell Gilyard was recently released from prison.  He had completed his three year sentence for sex crimes against minors.  He is now a registered sex offender in the state of Florida.

The minors were members of the church that Gilyard led as pastor.  That is right.  Darrell Gilyard was the pastor.  These crimes were not the first and isolated times that Gilyard had sinned sexually while being a pastor and preacher.  He was a serial sexual offender.

In his early days of preaching, I heard Gilyard.  He was extremely talented when speaking.  Yet his sexual life majorly collided with his preaching life.  He followed a predictable pattern:  He preached.  He sinned sexually (either consensually or without consent).  He moved to another church.  He preached.  He sinned sexually.  In total, Gilyard resigned from five different churches due to his sexual sins.  Finally he was convicted of criminal sexual activity.

5 Ways to Leave Your Saviour

Paul Simon penned a popular song 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.  In the song he rhymes some of the ways.  He does not mention all 50 ways.  He actually lists only 5.  Do you remember these?

  1. Slip out the back, Jack.
  2. Make a new plan, Stan.
  3. Don’t need to be coy, Roy.
  4. Hop on the bus, Gus.
  5. Drop off the key, Lee.

I’m sorry if you have the song stuck in your head now, but I do want to turn this article to a more serious tone.  Our goal should be to continually draw nearer to Jesus.  But are you aware of the ways we draw AWAY from Jesus?  Here are some of the ways people leave Jesus.