Skipping Church to Author a Book About Church

Would you buy a cookbook put together by somebody who avoids the kitchen?

How about a weight loss book written by the person who has added on pounds every year for decades?

Maybe a business manual penned by the teenager who sorts mail in the basement?

So why is a Christian publishing house going to try and sell us a book about church by an author who admittedly skipped church for over a month to finish the book on church?

I discovered this admission on the author’s blog. The blog also indicates the guest speaking engagements which have been performed at churches and other church related institutions.

Christian readers already have to concern themselves with “experts” who have admitted to plagiarism and ghost writing. Now this. This is akin to writing Bible studies and avoiding the Bible to do so. Or writing about prayer and not doing any of it. The list could go on and on.

As for me, I want a cookbook by somebody who loves cooking. I want a weight loss book by somebody who has lost weight. I want a business manual by one who has run a business well. Is it too much to ask for a book about church from an author who values church above their own book about church?