Slavery Still Exists in America

Are you aware that between 100,000 to 300,000 young women are being held as sexual slaves in America?  Many of these are minors.  We might be tempted to think that this problem only exists in places like Bangkok, Thailand.  We would be mistaken.

I live in South Florida.  Sexual slavery is a known problem here.  Reports have been published in recent months about women and girls who have been bought, delivered to South Florida, and forced into illegal sexuality for the profit of their slave masters.

The Super Bowl is being played today in the Dallas, Texas area.  This area is another hotbed for this slavery.  In the past and in the present, Super Bowl host cities have witnessed an explosion of sexual slavery due to the numbers of men flocking to the city for a big party.  Over 12,000 sexual slaves have been delivered to Dallas this week for exploitation.

In response, organizations are beginning to shed light on this heinous activity during the Super Bowl.  I understand that 50 of these slave girls were rescued during the past 2 Super Bowls.

Please pray that these victims will be rescued from their captors.  You can find more information and ways to get involved by visiting