Is Your Spouse Your Friend?

The past few months have not been ideal for our family when it comes to attending Sunday morning worship services together.  My wife, Suzie works in the retail field.  She has asked for scheduling considerations for Sunday mornings.  Her department manager has consistently scheduled her on Sunday mornings.  This did not change after her request.

The result has been that I have been attending our services by myself.  The best part of our Christmas celebration was being able to attend the worship service of First Baptist Church of Boynton Beach together.  We joined the others in praying, singing and hearing from the Word of God.  It was great.

After the service a lady behind us spoke to us, “I’ve seen you (looking at me) here on Sundays.  Who is your friend (looking at Suzie)?”

How would you answer that question?

My brain immediately knew that there was a wrong way to answer.  Under no circumstance should the response be, “She’s not my friend.  She’s my wife.”    The correct answer should be something like this, “This is my friend Suzie who is also my wife.”

Every man should give that kind of answer.  But you want it to be a true answer.  You don’t want to bear false witness especially in church.  Cultivate a deep friendship with your spouse.  I can honestly say that Suzie is my best friend or my BFF as the kids today say.

Here are a five things you can do to cultivate that friendship.

  1. Spend time with your spouse.
  2. Converse with your spouse – both speaking and listening.
  3. Pray with your spouse.
  4. Share common experiences.
  5. Do something special for your spouse on a regular basis.

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  • Linda Ratliff

    If I thought her motive was to be unkind, I might respond that she was my roommate. Then let her wonder!!

    The very best part of this is the lady noticed you and cared enough to speak. In some churches today, the warm welcome isn’t displayed. Thankfully, our church is one with lots of welcomes and hugs. I enjoy being a part of the family of God that shows love and concern.

    My best friend (husband) and I will have been roommates for 50 years next June. What a wonderful journey. God is soooo good.

    • Yes, Linda, she was being very warm and kind. You and Mickey have been great examples of marital friendship.