Talking About Jesus: 5 Recent Conversations

This past week I have had the privilege of discussing Jesus with a few people.

1.  Related to Leah’s surgery

I flew into Louisville, KY this past week to be with my daughter, Leah, as she underwent 8+ hours of breast cancer surgery.  We prayed and talked about spiritual matters.  It was encouraging to see God’s hand at work as countless people across the country were praying for her.  Leah made it through the surgery with great strength.

We were greatly encouraged when the anesthesia doctor prayed with her before surgery.  He clearly knew our Lord.

Our biggest prayer was that the cancer would not show any sign of spreading.  Our prayers were answered when Dr. George informed us that all of the lymph nodes were clear.  He indicated that the staff in the operating room cheered each time a lymph node was reported as being cancer free.  His words to us, “It is by God’s grace that they all came back benign.”  Indeed.

2.  Brian Vickers

One of my best friends is a New Testament professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.  We met on Thursday morning for some coffee and conversation.  This was a renewal of a long-standing tradition for us.  We talked about our journeys, our struggles and our what God is up to in our lives.  I cannot tell you what a strength Brian has been to me through the years.

Brian recently returned from teaching and preaching in Asia, in particular in India.  He told me of being in a meeting with Christians and being called outside by his contact.  Another church had just called and wanted him to preach for them.  He travelled to that church where he was quickly fed some fish and rice.  He ate and then immediately joined the church to preach.

3.  Jewish Rabbi

Last night I met a rabbi from Boston.  As I spoke to him, he asked me if I was an evangelical.  I told him I was.  He commented that evangelicals were the best friends of Israel.  He then asked me why that was.  We discussed Genesis 12 and the promise God made to Abraham.  I then told him that as a Gentile follower of Jesus, I have been engrafted into Abraham.  His travel companion attempted to bait me with a Jews for Jesus comment, but the Rabbi squelched that.  He was interested in the engrafting comment.  He said he was familiar with the Genesis 12 explanation, but was unfamiliar with Paul’s comments about Gentile believers being engrafted into the promise of Abraham.

4.  Israeli Singers

Our hotel hosted a group of singers from Tel Aviv.  As I spoke to a few of them, I told them that I had studied one summer in Jerusalem.  This led to a brief discussion of the connection between a non-Jew like myself with Jews in Israel.

5.  New Co-worker

I have a new co-worker who proudly told me she was Christ-follower.  We began what will be a regular conversation about the goodness of our Lord.

If you would, take a moment and pray for fruit to come from each of these conversations.  Another reason I am writing this is to encourage the readers of this blog to look for opportunities to discuss Jesus as you go about your journey.

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  • Sheri Ethridge Earwood

    I have many opportunities to talk,declare and rejoice with my patients that I come in contact with,most with cancer so they are doin real battle both spirit and flesh so I thank the Lord for the armor scripture,use it alot. Even took a known cancer patient into the bathroom one time when I saw a defeated look on her face ,to resist the devil and draw closer to God, what a powerful thing. But sometimes when I try to recall what I said to my husband I can’t…… was all the spirit talking

  • Sheri

    I am so sorry to hear about your daughters ordeal, I read your other articles regarding her and the fight like a girl button stood out to me . I don’t have breast cancer but I still fight like a girl ladies get your mammograms push your Dr if they say your to young, it seems today we see more and more young women. And know your bodies, self exams are a must!!!!!! And Frank, I know this is a small thing when you feel helpless but they make a shirt,hats etc that say, FIGHT LIKE A GUY FOR THE GIRLS!!!

    • Sheri, Leah has been amazing through all of this. The rest of the family has as well.