A Thanksgiving Heart Attack

While most folks were gathering with families and preparing for a feast, our holiday weekend began and ended at the hospital. Our story begins the previous Sunday morning. While preparing to teach a bible study class on Luke 15, I experienced some tightness in my chest and neck. It went away and I did teach the class.

Then on Wednesday night, the tightness reappeared. This time it did not leave. Suzie drove me to the hospital where the EKG and blood work confirmed what my body was telling my mind – heart attack.

This was my 3rd heart attack in the past 2.5 years. In January of this year, Suzie had driven me to the same hospital. That time I went under the knife for open heart surgery and had the 4 bypass special.

So in the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning, I was watching a doctor perform a cardiac catheterization on me. After probing around my heart for awhile, the doctor withdrew his scope from my groin. There was nothing for him to do. The damage had been done, and I will have to live with chronic heart disease for the remainder of life.

I was released from the hospital on Sunday completing the weekend holiday. So now I try to manage the heart disease and the diabetes at home. I feel well, but tire easily. I’ll have to learn to deal with that. I lost a percentage of my heart’s functions. I also discovered that I have some liver damage due to the meds I have been taking. And for the first time, I am giving myself two shots a day to help with the diabetes.

But this has been a very good time. The Lord has been near. My family, friends and church folks have been wonderful. I am a blessed man.

So I look forward to walking closer to Jesus, spending time with my wife, holding my grandkids, embracing my kids & parents, worshipping with the folks at FirstBoynton and sharing joy with whoever else crosses my path.

For all of that, I am truly thankful to the Lord for his goodness to me.