Are You Really Thinking of Me Today?

Hello Frank

It’s (name withheld) and I’m thinking of you today.

This was the beginning of an email I received on April 29th.  It came from a respected leadership guru who is also a Christian.  This personalized mass mailing got me to thinking.

1.  Should I be flattered that a popular author and speaker is thinking about me?

2.  Does he think about me on other dates, or was April 29th my one time?

3.  Why don’t other famous people send me emails that they are thinking about me?

4.  Why April 29th?  It was a long day at work…

Wait – April 30th was the launch of leadership guy’s new venture.  This makes me suspicious that he really might not have been thinking of me.  I know “you” can be both singular and plural.  But when it is preceded with my personal name, I should be able to assume it is singular.  At least that is what my English teacher taught me.  I suspect a little grammatical tom-foolery.  The old singular to plural shell game.

I am pretty sure that leadership guy has thousands and thousands of people on his email list.  Did all of us get the same email?  I bet we did.  Was he thinking of each of us individually.  I don’t think that is possible.  His April 29th only had 24 hours just like mine.  He probably meant to say that he was thinking of us collectively.

I would have been fine with that.  If that is what it is, why not say that.  Why personalize something in a way that really isn’t all that personal.  In fact, it’s pretty close to stretching the truth.  Some might even call it a lie.

Here is a more accurate opening:

Hello Frank

It’s (name withheld) and I’m thinking of my readers today and you are one of them.

Do you ever get email, mail, etc. that tries to be more personal than it really is?  Let’s reverse the tables.  Contact somebody today that you really are thinking about and let them know it.