Wisdom from Jimmy Scroggins on the Cooperative Program

My pastor, Jimmy Scroggins, has penned an excellent article on the Cooperative Program and how churches spend their missions dollars.

Point of View – Pastoral Economics: Compelling vision, not guilt will build Cooperative Program – Florida Baptist Witness.

This is the kind of wisdom that I have grown accustomed to from this godly man.  It is such a joy to be a part of First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach for the second time under his leadership.  My hope is that SBC leaders will take to heart what he has written.

For too long Southern Baptists have operated like givers to the United Way or to the IRS.  We like some of the things are money does.  We are neutral about others.  We may even disagree over some expenditures.  Yet all the while we keep giving (or having it taken from us by the government).

Today, we have options when it comes to our giving.  Churches should be wise about these options.