10 Hilarious Tweets of @XIANITY

Recently I began following @XIANITY on Twitter.  The Twitter account has the motto:Unreal News On Real Religion.  Tweets are satirical comments about modern Christianity.  Most are funny.  Some are hilarious.  If you are on Twitter, you might want to add this account to your follow list.

Please don’t be offended.  Several of the comments are about groups or people which are akin to me.  We can laugh at ourselves and others.  Since most humor has some element of truth, we also should look closely at some of the things going on around us.

Here are my favorites from the past week:

  1. TRAVEL: Kenneth & Gloria Copeland distraught after FAA restricts private plane carry on bags to 12 per person.
  2. SHOPPING: 7 Christians trampled to death and many injured at area mall in Black Friday rush for Thomas Kinkade 50% off sale.
  3. T.U.L.I.P.S.? Unpublished reformation manuscript confirms 6th point of Calvinism that many suspected existed all along: Smug Superiority
  4. PUBLISHING: Prosperity Gospel Study Bible released minus Hebrews 11, the Gospels, and other pesky passages.
  5. CULTURE: “Try reading your Bible” and “I’ll pray for you” tie for best closing line in a heated theological argument.
  6. TOURISM: Church of the Holy Sepulcher moves to Tel Aviv to accommodate growing number of visitors.
  7. COMMUNITY: Unable to maintain charade, ACTS29 church-planter tearfully confesses to not liking beer.
  8. CULTURE: Feminist Pastor misses point entirely by naming her church ‘Venus Hill’
  9. THEOLOGY: Tired of trying to get Rob Bell to define the Gospel, critics settle for him simply spelling it correctly.
  10. HEALTH: At his current rate of weight loss, Ed Stetzer will vanish completely at 11:32am on April 17, 2016