10 More Hilarious Tweets of @XIANITY

BOOKS: Just in time for Christmas from Joel Osteen, “Your Best Life Now Book of Martyrs”

CHURCH: Mark Dever unveils the 10th mark of a healthy church: Green bean tater tot casserole topped with Durkee french fried onions.

THEOLOGY: The ETS (Evangelical Theological Society) has announced the topic for its next gathering – Vampires: Under Grace or Under Law?

HEALTH: B sample confirms John Piper tested positive for steroids after at least two separate sermons in 2008.

WORLD: Descendants of Balaam’s Ass speak out against animal cruelty.

FINANCE: Inexplicably, after hearing about a downturn in giving at the Crystal Cathedral, the owners of Windex make a significant donation.

BOOKS: An other Christmas release, ‘Good Morning Holy Mackerel – Spirit Filled Sport Fishing With Benny Hinn’

INNOVATION: Genius puts picture of Jesus on $100.00 bill thereby creating a way to serve both God and mammon.

PRAYER: Texas Pastor comes through surgery well. Thanks to all who interceded, Joel Osteen’s tummy tuck was successful.

MISSIONS: Dreaming big things for God, YWAM sends a courageous team of go-getters to The Island in Lost.

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