10 Quotes for the Christian Mind 16.01

10I love good quotes. I love good quotes that have stood the test of time and reflect a solid grasp on the truth revealed in the Scriptures. These stir the mind and sink deeply into the soul. This new blog feature allows me to share some of the quotes that I could not simply skim. As you read them, take the time to mull them in your mind.

Do not trust in yourself, lest sin thereby have much more power over you.


If God had granted all the silly prayers I’ve made in my life, where should I be now?

–C.S. Lewis

All get what they want. They do not always like it.

–C.S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew

The Christian’s motto should not be “Let go and let God” but “Trust God and get going!

–J.I. Packer

Praying is not an attempt to force God’s hand, but a humble acknowledgement of helplessness and dependence.

–J.I. Packer

The root of all sin is the de-Godding of God.

–Tom Schreiner

Faith sees a greater good in Christ than in all earthly treasures.

–Richard Sibbes

Nearness to God is happiness.

–Charles Spurgeon

Sin hardens the heart. Every sin makes room for another sin and it is always easier to sin again after you have sinned once.

–Charles Spurgeon

The Scripture is both a glass to show your spots, and a laver to wash them away.

–Thomas Watson

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