5 Teachings of John Calvin on Church Music

To celebrate the 500th birthday of John Calvin (July 10th), I am posting a few lists of 5’s that will shed some light on this important reformer.  Previous articles include:

Calvin systematically established an order of worship for the evangelical church.  Music and singing were vital elements for him.  Here are 5 teachings of his on church music:

  1. Congregational singing is a foundational element of the worship service.
  2. Cheerfulness should characterize this singing.
  3. The Psalms are the best songs.
  4. In singing the Christian stands in the presence of God and the angels.
  5. The result of singing is “like a spur to incite us to pray to and to praise God, to meditate on his works, that we may love, fear, honour, and glorify him.”
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