5 Thoughts on Society by John Calvin

This is the 2nd 5-part list highlighting an aspect of the life and works of John Calvin.  July 10th was Calvin’s 500th birthday.  The previous list was:

5 Criticisms of Martin Luther by John Calvin

Calvin was known as a reformer of society as well as a reformer of the church.  Here are 5 thoughts of his on society:

  1. He thought marriage was good for society because it promoted respectability and controlled lascivious wanderings.
  2. He thought monogamy was better than polygamy since rivalry among wives would not produce conjugal harmony.
  3. He preferred small families over large because they were quieter.
  4. He thought a man disgraced if he wore filthy or torn clothing.
  5. He thought that private ownership of property was vital to social order.
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2 thoughts on “5 Thoughts on Society by John Calvin

  1. If you want to read about John Calvin from the Jewish perspective and his assault against the true messiah of Israel Marcus Julius Agrippa read Stephan Huller’s blog entry at http://www.stephanhuller.blogspot.com entitled ‘the Day of John Calvin the accursed, may his bones be ground into dust.’ It will help round your opinion of this accursed man.

    May his bones truly be ground into dust.


  2. Jacob, I did read Stephan Huller’s blog article about John Calvin and his defense against the claim of Marcus Julius Agrippa being the Messiah. I am certainly not convinced. Your statement that this is THE Jewish perspective (emphasis mine) should better be A Jewish perspective.

    So Calvin is accursed for claiming that Jesus is the Messiah? Huller labels Calvin a blasphemous demon for the same thing? Your beef is not with Calvin or with me, it is with Jesus. I am confident that Jesus, not Marcus Julius Agrippa, is the Messiah.

    Rather than what Huller states, “Let’s hope that Calvin enjoys his place in hell as it allows him to reflect on the real messiah,” my hope is that you will consider Jesus as the Messiah so that you might enjoy him in heaven.

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