50 Blessings in 50 Years

On January 11, 1960 I entered the world in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  50 years later, I look back grateful for so much in my life.  I certainly wish that I could replay some of the events in my life.  Hopefully the gray hairs on my head and on my beard indicate that I have gained some wisdom since my youth.  I am wise enough to realize that I am a blessed man.  Here is a list of 50 blessings to match the 50 years.  Many more exist than 50, but this is a good reminder for things I am thankful.

  1. At the top of the list is that I have an amazing God.  As a youngster, the Spirit of God gave life to me through Jesus.  This has made all of the difference in the world.
  2. I had the privilege of being a shepherd to God’s people and preaching the Bible for about 20 years.  I still miss this, but am grateful that I had that much time to do this.
  3. God took a sinful, broken vessel of a man who had sinned grossly against him, his wife, his family, his church and loved him still.  I will forever be amazed at this display of grace.
  4. Suzie – she has been such a strength to me.  I love her dearly and know that she loves me.
  5. Cameron – my firstborn.  He can be intense and impatient, but has made his father proud so many times.
  6. Leah – my second born.  Leah has never met a stranger.  Her love for life has always brought a smile to my face.
  7. Carlton – my third born.  He has been the overachiever of the bunch…at football, work and marriage.
  8. Bethany – my youngest.  Bethany didn’t get the best from her father, but still manages to brighten his day with her love.
  9. Heath – my oldest grandchild.  As a 7 year old, we enjoy chatting, wrestling and being together.
  10. Caleb – my second grandchild.  This 3 year old is a character.  So much fun listening to him.
  11. Children-in-law.  Michael (married to Leah) and Amanda (married to Carlton) are tremendous partners to my kids and a delight to this father-in-law.
  12. My parents.  Eugene and Lillie have always been my biggest fans.  A son couldn’t have parents with greater love than have I.
  13. The opportunity to play competitive football, baseball and basketball.  I really enjoyed playing quarterback for the Sapulpa Chieftains in Oklahoma.
  14. The opportunity to coach my boys in 3 sports.  I know it wasn’t easy having your dad as a coach, but they both handled it very well.
  15. The wonderful people in the churches that I pastored.  They took great care of me and my family.
  16. The teachers and professors who taught me to think and prepared me well.
  17. My friends – I’ve lived life as a nomad being a military kid and throughout.  Some wonderful people have kept in touch through the years and the moves.
  18. I’ve had the privilege to travel throughout the world.  Outside of the US, I have been to Okinawa, Italy, Germany, Israel, Russia, Switzerland and Guatemala with short stops in several other places.
  19. Taking Suzie to Disney World…several times.  I love seeing her childlike joy there.
  20. Living at City Place in West Palm Beach.
  21. Relaxing in the sun at the beach.
  22. 2 weeks in Hawaii with Suzie.
  23. Seeing some great college football games live including a national championship game.
  24. Working in some great hotels and for some great hoteliers.
  25. Spending several years at the amazing Brown Hotel in Louisville.
  26. Being a fan of the Oklahoma Sooners and the Dallas Cowboys.
  27. 2 great pastors in Daniel Montgomery and Jimmy Scroggins.
  28. Spending a day and a night with Suzie with nothing to do.
  29. Teaching pastors in Russia.
  30. Skipping class at OBU to play ping-pong with Todd Littleton.
  31. Riding back and forth to Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary with Dale Perry.
  32. Playing golf with Cameron and Carlton.
  33. Having the grandchildren spend the night with Suzie and me.
  34. Watching Mom and Dad celebrate 50 years of marriage with family and friends.
  35. Listening to Cameron playing saxophone, Leah singing, Carlton playing trumpet and Bethany playing violin.  Sadly no instruments are currently being played.
  36. Finding junk with Suzie at thrift shops, garage sales and auctions.
  37. Riding the scooter along the beach with Suzie on the back.
  38. Meeting interesting people (some famous) throughout my hotel career.
  39. Learning that some of my blog writings have had a positive influence on others.
  40. Co-workers – I have had many great ones with whom I have spent long days together.
  41. Playing flag football with my kids.
  42. Getaway weekends with Suzie on some amazing outings.
  43. Watching Cameron play basketball in the AAU national championships in Utah.
  44. Watching Carlton play in a state championship football game.
  45. Watching my 2 daughters come into this world.  The hospitals wouldn’t allow me in when the boys were born.
  46. Getting married to Suzie in the hills of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
  47. Spending 3 weeks studying in Israel in 1981.
  48. Enjoying some wonderful dining experiences around the world.
  49. Discovering the world underneath the ocean by snorkeling.
  50. Spending a day with Suzie, all of the kids, the kids-in-law and grandkids and watching all of the joyful interactions.

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3 thoughts on “50 Blessings in 50 Years

  1. Dad,

    All these are great memories and moments. I know we sometimes made things hard but you have made your mark in my life and I am sure the rest of the kids. We love you and look forward to adding many more items to this list.


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