50 Years Ago: To Kill a Mockingbird

50 years ago today, To Kill a Mockingbird was published.  In this novel, Harper Lee penned a great story of  a white lawyer named Atticus Finch representing an innocent black man in a southern courtroom.  The story is told through the eyes of Finch’s daughter, Scout.

In 1962 the story was made into an award winning movie with Gregory Peck brilliantly playing Atticus Finch.  Whether you watch the movie or read the book, you will encounter the issue of race relations.  Here are a few of the lessons we learn from this great novel:

1.  Regardless of the color of our neighbor’s skin color, we must do what is right.

2.  Doing the right thing may have negative consequences.  Do the right thing anyway.

3.  Teach your children to do the right thing with your words and your actions.

If you have never read the book nor watched the movie, find one or both and get to it.