That is the date of my 51st birthday.  Fifty-one.  Not the heralded half of a century mark like last year, and one shy of a full deck.  51 just sort of seems stuck in some weird space.

The only significant athlete that donned a jersey with the number 51 was Dick Butkus.  Butkus was the ferocious middle linebacker of the Chicago Bears who for generations has been the standard for linebackers.

51 is a great number for another reason.  The 51st Psalm.  This Psalm has been the focal point of my life for some time.  It is the foundation behind the establishment and continuance of this blog.

In this Psalm, David begins with a heart wrenching confession of his adulterous sin.  He acknowledges how thoroughly sinful he is and has been from birth.  Yet this sinful man finds mercy from the hands of God.  His scarred body and soul find great joy in a great God.  He teaches other sinners the way back to God.  And God delights in this.

May this year be one in which I revel in the grace of God.  May I point other sinful people to Jesus.  May God delight in this.  May it be so.

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2 thoughts on “51

  1. I know exactly the sins I am guilty of but sometimes you don’t know the magnitude until after it is done . But I have learned that what ever you exercise the most become the stronger of the two. If I exercise and work my spirit and deny my flesh then my flesh isn’t as strong as my spirit. I want lots of muscles , I mean bulging muscles in my spirit!!!!!!!

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