52 Lessons from 52 Years

Yesterday was my 52nd birthday.  As I told others – I am finally playing with a full deck.  I spent a good part of the day thinking and reflecting.  In no particular order and with no elaboration, here is a list of 52 lessons I have learned along the way.


1.  Nothing satisfies like Jesus.

2.  Relationships matter so much more than profits.

3.  A happy greeting from a grandchild warms the soul.

4.  Sin did cost much more than I wanted to pay.

5.  I can genuinely love people with whom I disagree.

6.  Sports is a good outlet but a terrible master.

7.  A good wife is good to find.

8.  Hearing God when I read my Bible is a tremendous joy.

9.  Gentleness is much to be preferred over harshness.

10.  Libraries and bookstores smell fantastic.

11.  An unhealthy diet has consequences.

12.  Great artistic expression is highly undervalued.

13.  Being ranks higher than doing.

14.  Cherish experiences over possessions.

15.  Learning to think is worth more than learning to do.

16.  To experience forgiveness is a deeply moving encounter.

17.  Leadership that abuses people is despicable.

18.  Determining the right path ahead of time makes decisions easier.

19.  While we might learn from failure, a better teacher exists.

20.  Being employed at something you love is a key to sanity.

21.  Greed is not good.

22.  Home is a sanctuary.

23.  A savory meal with family or friends is time well spent.

24.  A strong cup of coffee, a cozy chair and a well written book all go together.

25.  A day at the beach is…well, a day at the beach.

26.  There is such a thing as a dumb question.

27.  We do not have to learn how to love ourselves.  It comes naturally.

28.  Some things that are cute in children are ugly in adults.

29.  We have passion when we suffer for something or somebody.

30.  Our culture despises both the rich and the poor.  Neither is right.

31.  Seek the right balance between contentment and ambition.  We need both.

32.  Worship of God in heaven is as close to heaven as we can get.

33.  The wooden, bloodied, nail scarred cross of Jesus is a beautiful thing.

34.  If reading history is dull and boring, you are reading it incorrectly.

35.  Espionage and the Mafia are great movie themes.

36.  Don’t blow your own horn.

37.  Run, just run away from temptations.

38.  Shame is the only remedy for pride when repentance is neglected.

39.  A fixed gaze upon Jesus will lead one down the right path.

40.  A duplicitous mind makes an unsettled spirit.

41.  Love is not something you fall into, but a volitional choice.

42.  A church and a parent emulate God when they lovingly discipline.

43.  False gods more and more resemble the humans who have created them.

44.  A pool of ignorance is less to be desired than a drop of wisdom.

45.  Those who praise you by criticizing others will soon criticize you.

46.  Beware of the intolerance of the tolerance crowd.

47.  The details make better sense once we have seen the big picture.

48.  Bitterness functions like a suicide bomber.

49.  Cultural norms are not the same as biblical truths.

50.  Responsibility comes before rights and privileges.

51.  Fervent prayer is a game changer.

52.  Our emotions add flavor to life but make poor leaders of life.

What is one lesson you would add?

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