A Church Claims Rights to Vuvuzela

The Nazareth Baptist Church of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa is claiming the manufacturing rights to the vuvuzela.  You remember the vuvuzela, don’t you?  The droning horn that played non-stop during The World Cup in South Africa.

* Church Takes On Rival Vuvuzela Makers

This church is known as the Shembe church after founder, Isaiah Shembe.  The church claims that Shembe invented the vuvuzela in 1910.  The church also claims all rights to making and marketing the horn.

  1. I bet your church doesn’t have this cool of an invention.
  2. Will this knowledge cause annoyed sports fans to dislike the church?
  3. It would have to be a Baptist church, wouldn’t it?  Although it is not really a Baptist church since many claim that the founder is God.
  4. 27 other South African companies are now making a vuvuzela.
  5. 478 Chinese and Hong Kong companies are now making them.
  6. The church spokesman referred to these companies as “Mickey Mouse” companies.  My wife isn’t going to like that.

I confess to having downloaded a vuvuzela iPhone app during the World Cup.  Just wondering, has anybody bought a real one yet or plan on getting one for college football games?

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