A Father’s Legacy

And in your offspring all the nations of the earth shall be blessed.

–Genesis 26:4, ESV

When famine struck the land, Isaac must have thought about heading into Egypt. His father, Abraham, had made a similar journey a generation ago. His son and grandsons would also make a future journey for the same reasons. But Isaac was told by God to stay where he was and avoid Egypt.

It is interesting that in God’s time table, Egypt was not yet prepared for God’s people to dwell in the land. Isaac would not venture into the land of Pharaoh. What is even more interesting is that along with the instructions to stay, God gave Isaac a promise related to his offspring.

Not only would his offspring multiply and possess the lands, they would also be a blessing to all the nations of the earth. This promise is basically the same promise that God gave to Isaac’s father.

I’m not really concerned that my offspring possess the land in which I live. But what a joy it would be if my children and their children, etc. become a blessing to the nations. That would be a fine legacy.

Ultimately Isaac’s promise from God was fulfilled in the coming of the Christ. I pray that those who come after me would live as sojourners in this land (Genesis 26:3) in such a way as to make known the name of Christ. Then my tribe will have tapped into the promise to Isaac and be both blessed and a blessing.

Could a father really ask for anything more?